Bus temperatures cause concerns for Berkeley County students, drivers

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Temperatures reported on some Berkeley County School buses soared into the hundreds this week.

Temps on the buses on Wednesday were reported at 108 degrees on a pre-K bus and temps over 115 degrees on four others; one of those reached 123 degrees according to Valerie Ledford. She is running for the Berkeley County Board of Education next year.

The Panhandle News Network contacted Berkeley County Schools to see what efforts were underway to cool the buses down.

“Both student and operator comfort is important to us. We are monitoring the heat situation and reviewing temperatures both inside the bus as well as those being recorded by devices under the front of the bus. As needed, students and operators can work together to lower windows for air flow. On these days, students would be permitted and encouraged to carry water in a closed container should they feel it would be helpful for their ride home. While student safety is our top priority, student and operator comfort are equally important and staying well hydrated is certainly recommended for both.”

-Berkeley County Schools statement

Outside temperatures were above 90 degrees twice this week in Berkeley County. After a cool weekend, warmer temps could be back for the start of the next school week.

Story by Marsha Chwalik/Panhandle News Network